Not only was January 27, 2019 an important day for the swimbait community, but rather a moment in bass fishing culture. Northern California swimbait manufacturer, Toxic Baits hosted “Toxic Day” at Russo’s Marina on the California Delta. Toxic is an example of an independent garage-built bait brand’s power that resides in bringing the anglers/collectors together from all over the nation, a cultural cornerstone that the big brands seem to abandon. As I’ve said in a previous interview with Ceaser Chavez of Toxic, too many brands just push their products or services on you. Very little talk to or even listen. Ceaser listened, and with a little bit of hard work, and support from his family and friends, the end result was a successful gathering of passionate anglers that traveled from afar just to cop baits, win gear, meet fellow enthusiasts, and overall, experience the comradery that is Toxic Day. He catered to us. This is what drives culture. Our culture. In 2019, we anticipate more of this. See the bigger picture here people, because together, we are the future of fishing.

I reached out to some attendees to get their feedback of the event. Read their testimonials down below.

–Lloyd Gomez


“Ceaser started setting up his table of Toxics and instantly the vibe of the place changed. Everyone gathered around and eyes locked on certain patterns that were blasted on the baits. The place erupted. Amongst the madness, Ceaser asked me to help slang the Toxics, and within 15 minutes almost sold out of 200 Toxic Baits!” –@reservoir_hawgs


“It was great to put faces to names and meeting new people and catching up with friends. Seeing the amazing support Ceaser receives from our community shows he is doing his thing the right way. The support he got from all the sponsors and people showing up from different parts of the country reminds me of the reason I got involved in this community in the first place. Yesterday was proof that it’s about more than just catching fish. It’s a brotherhood and community and we are all after the same thing and have the same goal. I wish nothing but success to Ceaser and everyone else in the future!” –@scottstrongwiththeswimbaits


“Wow Toxic Day! Summed up short. It’s what fishing is all about. A new adventure, the unknown, late nights/early mornings, and meeting new people sharing a common passion/obsession. Thank you Ceaser for an awesome event and Killer good time.” -@lpb_oab_galeys


“Toxic day was dope dude! So cool to put so many names to faces and meet a lot of like-minded individuals who share the same passion for fishing. Learning and sharing info and stories with people I had never met was my favorite part. Already looking forward to my next opportunity to come back out! Also the hospitality from a lot of these people was amazing too. Bouncing around Nor-Cal, everyone showed us nothing but love.” –@tysonwilson93


“Toxic Day 2019 summed up in words; different walks of life coming together to enjoy and share one common thing, fishing. From bbq to baits and everything in between. It just shows how powerful this community is. Everyone coming together and having an awesome time.” –@jsoto3


“Toxic day has been by far the greatest event that is targeted to the modern angler. The swimbait scene is its own niche and Ceaser put together one hell of an event. It brought together anglers from all over the states. Met new friends from Massachusetts, Arizona, Washington, and from all over California. I said it before the event and I can repeat myself again. This event has been by far the largest and best west coast big bait event to date. Sponsors all came in clutch with all the free raffle goods, and Ceaser provided as many baits as he can put together for those who have showed up. Food was awesome, and the conversations and jokes with all the guys were awesome. Can’t wait to experience more and build more with this industry.” –@pondscumanglers_


“I flew in from Seattle to go to Toxic Day and see Ceaser of Toxic Baits, and give my thanks to him for what he is doing for the community. Stepping up and taking on an event like this to give back and get people together takes someone special. Free food, exclusive colors, new baits, knowledge, and most importantly new friends makes the trip worth it. After seeing how many people came, we guessed around 500+, it really opened up my eyes to the support these makers have. It was awesome to see Ceaser so awestruck by the support of the community. I hope he continues to make baits for years to come.” –@mountainbassin


“Was a day of history making. Toxic Baits started something amazing. Meeting so many other people with the same passion was better then anything. There was so much knowledge to take from this event. Cesar of Toxic Baits is the man for this event and the support that he had out there was amazing. So in short, Toxic Day was the birth of something we can only hope grows every year. Cesar Chavez, any event you put on like that east coast best coast I'm there!” –@joaquinonwater

You can follow Ceaser and TOXIC BAITS on instagram  @TOXICBAITSSUCK .

You can follow Ceaser and TOXIC BAITS on instagram @TOXICBAITSSUCK.

“It’s a day to bring together the people of this culture I’m so lucky to be a part of. Good people, good food, old and new friends to help get through the cold of winter.” -CEASER ON TOXIC DAY


Founder/Creator of SBSRFC & Bass Brigade