Below Water. Above All.

Gripping his roots and masterfully communicating his love for bass fishing through apparel and design, lloyd gomez served as the founder/creator and launched bass brigade in 2008.

Fast forward 10 years, seeking a deeper purpose spanning music, fashion, automotive, outdoor/fishing worlds, and creative disciplines of all mediums, lloyd proudly releases his new venture, sbsrfc.

like its principal, sbsrfc defines a lifestyle AND CULTURE. as a collaborative entity, we work along side big brands and small businesses across the globe as a strategic and creative partner focused on building, sharing, and the creative process.

SBSRFC® is equal parts creative agency, lifestyle apparel brand, and digital publication.

  • An independent creative agency on the pulse of culture, lifestyle, and emerging business. specializing in disruptive, non-traditional approaches to brand creation, brand strategy, consulting, product creation, and design.

  • Superior lifestyle apparel and goods designed and engineered for world-class urban anglerS and outdoorsmen.

  • A definitive voice that celebrates A UNQIUE PERSPECTIVE ON fishing, LIFESTYLE, ART, music, and CULTURE.

THE AGENCY: SBSRFC® CCG [Creative capabilities group]
we pride ourselves on reaching a different kind of consumer - one that is ever discerning, plugged in and on-the-go, and experimental with their purchasing decisions. The good news? They’re the first to spread the word if presented with something relevant and take pride in their peer-to-peer reviews. We encourage you to enable THEM to discover… trust us, you’ll reap the rewards for doing so. From dedicated emails to branded videos to socially charged custom-content programs, SBSRFC® has a wide selection of solutions to suit every client’s goal. Whether it be to generate social buzz, to drive traffic, or to push sales online and in-store, we have a strong stable of case studies to assist our clients in delivering for almost any part of their marketing and media mix. We offer branded video content, custom content, social contests, integration into editorial franchises, innovative high impact ad units, local events and more.

Driven to ignite the imagination through the fusion of lifestyle, design and THE OUTDOORS while building on authenticity, quality and integrity in the products we make. The essence of our brand is communicated through hundreds of anglers AND OUTDOOR ENTHUSIASTS throughout the world who depend on SBSRFC® products to provide them with the very best and allowing them to define their passion for sport and culture.

SBSRFC® SPEC_ Magazine is aN annual DIGITAL AND print publication that offers readers vivid insight into the ANGLERS, brands, and PEOPLE that shape our cultural landscape. Founded in 2018, SBSRFC® SPEC_ Magazine seeks to expose readers to this diverse and talented group and shed light on their many endeavours with high quality imagery and in-depth journalism.




lying below the surface, esp. of the earth, the oceans, etc.